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 TAB Blank

FIG.1. Blank TAB lines.  The strings are always indicated at the left.

-Following is an example of each Symbol as it is written and what it means. -These  common techniques are used as the building blocks for Lead Guitar playing. -Click on the symbol to view a video example (will open in a new window).

Symbol = Technique

h = hammer on

p = pull off

b = bend string up

r = release bend

/ = slide up

\ = slide down

v = vibrato (sometimes written as ~)

t = right hand tap

s = legato slide

S = shift slide

* = natural harmonic

[n] = artificial harmonic

n(n) = tapped harmonic

tr = trill

T = tap

TP = tremolo picking

PM = palm muting (also written as_ and .)

\n/ = tremolo arm dip; n = amount to dip

\n = tremolo arm down

n/ = tremolo arm up

/n\ = tremolo arm inverted dip

= = hold bend; also acts as connecting device for hammers/pulls

x = on rhythm slash represents muted slash

o = on rhythm slash represents single note slash

·/. = pick slide

^ = Downpicking

v = Uppicking

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