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Quiz answer: The Major Power Chord is made up from the 1st & 5th notes of the Major Scale while
the Major Triad is also made up of  the 1st & 5th notes as well as the 3rd note of the Major Scale.

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The ROOT NOTE is the note or pitch upon which a Chord is built.

The lowest note of a chord (the Bass note) is said to be the “Root Note” when it denotes the name of the chord.
For example:  The lowest note picked when strumming the “C Chord” (shown below) is the “C Note on the 3rd fret of the 5th String.
The “C Chord” in this position is said to be in the “Root Position” because its lowest note is the Root Note “C”.



Fig.1. The Root Note if the “C Major Chord” (shown as it would be played in its Root Position) is the “C note”.

-If C is not the lowest note played in the C Chord then the chord is said to be an Inversion.

Quiz: What is the root note of a “D Chord”?

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