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Quiz Answer:  The “E Major Shape” and the “A Major Shape” are used to create Major Bar Chords.

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Comparison Of the three chord types

Chord Types

 Fig.1. The 3 Main Types of Chords.

-Besides the Open Chord there are two other ways to play that chord.  As a Power Chord or a Bar Chord.

1.Open Chord- Common in all styles of music.  Uses open strings & rings nicely. 2.Power Chord – Common to Rock & Roll.  Simplest chord formation using only two notes. 2.Bar Chord – Common in all styles of music.  When played off the E string it uses 6 notes & when played off the A string it uses 5 notes.  It is sometimes written as a Barr Chord or Barre Chord.

-Take the G Major Chord for example:

Open G Fretboard Diagram

Fig.2. G Open Chord (strum all 6 strings)

G Power Chord (2 string)

Fig.3. G Power Chord is taken from the Bar Chord but you strum only 2 strings. It’s the Easiest to play of the G Chords.

G Power Chord (3 string)

 Fig.4. More Full sounding G Power Chord where the Root note is repeated an Octave higher (strum 3 strings) 

G Bar Chord at 3rd fret

Fig.5. G Bar Chord (strum all strings & bar all strings 3rd fret with index finger) Note: Played off the low E string at the 3rd fret using the E SHAPE.
Bar Chords require strength to play.  Practice them as they are used often.

 G Bar Chord off 5th string at 10th fret

Fig.6- G Bar Chord (strum all but the 6th string) Note: Played an Octave higher off the A string.  The location of this chord imparts a unique voicing. This “A Chord” shape produces the G Chord when moved up to the 10th fret.
Some musicians use the L.H. thumb to mute the Low “E” string in case it is accidentally hit.

Video 1. The “G Chord played as in Figures 2-6 above.

Trick (Magic Hat)

Trick-When playing a “G Bar Chord” off the “A” string (Fig.6), the easiest and most commonly used fingering is to bar the 10th fret with the index finger and bar the 12th fret with the ring finger. -Mute the high E string with the ring finger if you can not get it to ring clearly.

Video 2. Bar the 3 notes of this “G Major Chord” (A Shape) with your Ring finger. It is much easier than fingering the individual notes.

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