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“Chord Diagrams show you how to play the chord”

Fig.3. Open C Major Chord

Fig.1. The Chord Diagram is used to convey all the information you need to successfully play a Chord.
In this example of the “C Major” Chord from the previous lesson:

 -The vertical lines are the 6 Strings

-The top horizontal line is the Nut (unless indicated as a fret in which case the number of the fret will be indicated).

-The remaining 4 horizontal lines are the Frets.
Note: a number to the right of the top fret indicates the starting fret on the fretboard.
If there is no number, as above, it is assumed to be the 1st fret.

-The black dots indicate where to put your fingers.

-The numbers indicate which finger to use on the dot.

-The X indicates a string which is NOT played.

-The O indicates a string which is played Open (not fretted but picked).

-Chord Diagrams are commonly placed within the Lyrics of a song to indicate which chord to change to and when.

Quiz: What does an “O” on a Chord Diagram indicate?

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