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TAB is an easy to understand way to read music.

Tab guitar compare

Fig.1. The relationship between written TABLATURE and the Guitar Strings.

-Tab (Tablature) is the easiest way to read music.  (Basically, Tab is a direct visual representation of where to put your fingers and what strings to pick).
-There is no standard way to write Tab. However, all Tab is similar and easy to understand.
-This site will use Ascii (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) Guitar TAB.  This common form of Tab uses simple text and is also the same tab as used in Wikipedia to explain Guitar Tab.

-Unlike the “Standard Music Notation” which a concert guitarist might read, Tab gives no indication of rhythm.  You must be familiar with the song and its rhythm in order to play a song using Tab.

-If you aspire to become a concert musician where you can pick up and play a piece of music you have never heard before then  you must learn to read standard notation. However, it is much more difficult to learn and master.  Very few guitarists actually know and use it.  In fact, I studied Standard Music Notation for two years when I first began playing and, like most musicians, I rarely use it for the popular music I like to play now.

-When TAB is used within this website you will always have an audio sample to get the rhythm from.

-Guitar tablature consists of a series of horizontal lines forming a staff similar to standard notation.  Each of the 6 lines represents one of the instrument’s strings:

 Blank Tab

Fig.2 Blank TAB.

 -The top line of the tablature represents the highest-pitched string of the guitar (The High E).
By writing tablature with the lowest pitched notes on the bottom line and highest pitched notes on the top, tablature follows the same basic structure and layout as Western Standard Notation.

-Tab within the GFT Site will be labelled with letters on the left denoting the string names.  A lowercase e will be used for the high E string.

 The Numbers written on the lines represent the frets pressed to obtain the desired pitch.

For example, the number 3 written on the top line of the staff indicates that the player should press down at the third fret on the high E (first string):

tab g note

Fig. 4.  In this example the “G  Note” is played on the 1st String.
Note: The lower case e indicates the “high e String”.

Yankee Doodle

Fig.5.  TAB for Yankee Doodle.  Note how there is no indication of how long to hold the Notes (Timing).
You must be familiar with the song in order to play it correctly.

-Tab does not tell you which fingers to use.

-Notes are stacked to show chords.  The notes of each chord are played at the same time (strummed):

Tab Chords

Fig. 5 The Chords E, F & G represented in Tab.

Note: Number 0 indicates to play the open string

– Various  symbols are used to denote the various techniques such as: bends, hammer-ons, trills, pull-offs and slides.



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