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Quiz answer: The “B” note is on the 4th fret of the 3rd string.

The “B String”

You have already practiced playing the  e – f – f# – g  notes on the High E String.
In this lesson you will add the “B” string.
You will play in progressive sequences to build coordination and familiarity.

6 notes on B & E Strings

Fig. 1. Practice the 6 notes within the above box using downpicking.
Note: The 2 notes on the left are open strings.

Here’s How:

1-Play the “Open B string” (2nd string) and pick downward only.  This is called Down-picking and is easiest. (This is a B note).

2-Play the 1st fret of the “B string”.  (This is a C note because B has no sharp).

3-Play the 3rd fret of the “B string”.  (This is a D note).

4-Play the “Open High E string” (1st string).

5-Play the 1st fret of the “High E String”.

6-Play the 3rd fret of the “High E String”.

-Next, descend back down.

-Play slowly until it feels comfortable then try increasing the tempo  (speed):

Exercise Video 1: Using Downpicking, play 3 notes on the “B String” then 3 on the “High E String”.
Ascend then descend.

– Here’s a tune for you to try:

Exercise Video 2:This well known tune (Yankee Doodle) is an excellent tune to practise playing notes on the B and E Strings.
Play slowly at first then increase the tempo.

Here is an OPTIONAL exercise from the “Finger Exercises (POV)” page at the bottom of the “Beginner” Menu:

Exercise Video 3: Walk your Index Finger (the one you point with) and your Ring Finger on the 1st and 3rd frets of the 1st and 2nd Strings. (Video Uses Camera “Point Of View” angle).
To help Quickly develop your finger coordination try the other Beginner “Finger Exercises (POV)” click HERE.

Quiz: True or False?
The 1st Fret of the “B String” is the B# Note.


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