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To install a new guitar string:

  1. first remove the old string.
  2. Anchor the new string at the Bridge sing the Peg then measure it to length (see fig.26 below).  Next, wind the new string around the Machine head post and tighten it.
  3. Trim off the excess string at the post and tension the new string up to “Tune” using an electronic tuner.  
  4. The following details the finer points of this procedure:

Fig.1. String Replacement

Note: Some guitarists advocate the removal of all of the old strings first then installing the new ones.
I strongly Discouraged this due to the stress (or lack there of) created from the complete unloading of tension from the Neck.  This sudden relaxation of tension could “Shock” the neck causing warping, cracking and distortion issues.  If you want maintain your guitar’s setup as accurately as possible then you must minimize the disruption to it’s “balance of tension”.  I recommend that you changing your strings one at a time.  This will minimize the stress put on your guitar and protect it from damage. 

“Better safe than sorry”.

Video Demo

-Guitar strings should be replaced regularly.  Their sound deteriorates as they oxidize and become clogged with finger oil and dirt.

-Their life can be extended by wiping them with a clean cloth after playing to remove dirt and oil.

-New strings are more responsive and they really breath new life into your sound.  They make the guitar “Ring like a Bell”.

-Use a good quality string which have oxidation inhibiting coatings and last longer.

-You have a choice of Gauges (thicknesses) and Flat Wound and Round Wound.

-Thinner strings (Light Gauge) are easier to press to the fret and bend.  They are a good choice for electric guitars.

-A thicker string (Medium Gauge) gives your acoustic more depth of sound.

Fender makes a Specialized string for their guitars.  it has  bullet shaped end and works well with a whammy Bar:

Fig. 2.  Fender Super Bullets, with their Bullet shaped Ball End, will not move inside the Fenders Whammy Bar system and will stay in tune better than standard strings.

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