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Fig. 1.  Get comfortable with the feel of your Guitar.

– Beginners should play in the seated position with the guitar sitting on the right leg (a shoulder strap is not necessary while sitting).
As your skill level develops try playing standing up using a sholder strap to support your guitar.

CAUTION: Avoid wearing buttons, belt buckle or anything which may damage the finish of your guitar.

– Sit in an armless chair or stool with your knees bent about 90° and the guitar resting on your right leg.
Your feet should be flat on the ground.  Above all get comfortable.

For Classical style guitar, the sitting position is different.  The guitar should rest on the left leg of the Classical Player with the guitar angled up.  This position makes it much easier to reach the frets, especially when playing certain chords.

Figs. 2 & 3.  The Classical Sitting Position on the left & the Regular Sitting Position on the right

Note: Many guitarists prefer the Classical  position for all styles of playing.
Choose whichever is most comfortable for you.

– You must be able to comfortably and easily reach a 4 fret span (one fret for each finger).  This is how the guitar is designed to be played.

The Pick:

Fig. 4.  Hold the pick between your thumb and index finger with about 20% of it protruding.

The Left Hand:

– Your left hand thumb hangs over the top of the neck but does not touch the string. (Unless you want to mute the string intentionally).
It may be moved to the back side of the neck to accommodate certain playing styles (like fingerpicking) or for playing certain chords.

Positioning The Computer:

–  Position your computer in front so you can easily access this course.  Use external speakers for the best possible sound.
If you are using a laptop, a mouse and external keyboard are nice to have so you don’t have to reach as far.

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