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In this lesson, learn the Name & Symbols of the fingers and how they are applied to Fretboard Diagrams & Chord Diagrams.

Fig. 1. Finger Names & Symbols

– Understanding the content of this site involves understanding some common conventions.

– The fingers are named: Index, Middle, Ring and Pinky.  Their number symbols are: Index – 1,  Middle – 2,  Ring – 3,  Pinky – 4
Note: The guitar is designed to be played with 4 fingers.  This is the basis behind the layout of the notes on the fretboard.  Some musicians did no learn to use their Pinky when they play.  This is a bad habit to adopt as it will limit your ability in the future.
It will feel awkward at first but strength and dexterity will come with practice.

–  These Symbols are used to interpret Fretboard diagrams & Chord Chart Diagrams:

C Chord i,m,r fingers

Fig. 2. Finger Symbols (i) (m) & (p)used to show placement for an open “C” Chord on this Fretboard Diagram.
Note:  The Thinnest (high “e”) string is always shown at the top of the drawing & The X means Don’t Play the string.
The guitar’s Head and the Nut are on the left.

Fig. 3.  Finger Numbers are used here to Illustrate the “C” Chord in this Chord Diagram.
X = Don’t Play
O = Play The Open String.
Note: The Fret is not indicated in this example.  It is assumed to start on the 1st Fret if not indicated.
More about conventions later or click HERE to read more now.


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